Department of Internal Affairs of Djizak city
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Djizak city DIA

Address: Djizak city R.Isaev street 1-st building

Phone: (0372)- 226-76-21

Djizak region DIA

Address: Region "Uchtepa" "Mustakillik" street

Phone: (0372)-342-10-68

Arnasoy region DIA

Address: Region "Goliblar" "Halqlar Dustligi" Street

Phone: (0372)-372-14-02

Baxmal region DIA

Address: Town "Usmat" street X.Olimjon 10-th building

Phone: (0372)-412-10-50

Gallaral region DIA

Address: Town "Gallaorol" street "Mustaqillik" 8-th buildin

Phone: (0372)-432-11-02

Dustlik region dia

Address: Dustlik town

Phone: (0372)-335-42-39

Zarbdor region dia

Address: "Zarbdor" region street "Mustakillik shoh"

Phone: (0372)-492-22-02

Zafarobod region dia

Address: Zafarobod region street Mustakillik

Phone: (0372)-472-24-02

zomin region dia

Address: Zomin town Mustaqillik street 17-th building

Phone: (0372)-392-20-02

mirzachul region dia

Address: Mirzachul region Uzbekiston street 54-th

Phone: (0372)-312-22-40

paxtakor region dia

Address: Paxtakor region A.Ikromov street 1-st building

Phone: (0372)-353-13-56


Phone: (0372)-452-12-02


Phone: (0372)-512-11-02

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